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At first, I couldn't understand why this company had 11 bad reviews. Then, I read them, and it made more sense. 1/2 the reviews were from people who didn't even use the company. They were angry that PJ wanted the 'decision makers' to see what they offer and they were mad that the price was higher. They are a quality company, of course their price is higher! I had a fantastic experience with... Read more

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I received five estimates for a new roof from 'reputable companies'. Same products, same job. The estimates ranged from $7600-$9650 and then PJ's drops a $16,250 estimate .... Seriously??? And this, both members of family present for estimate policy is insane!!! Called me seven times AFTER I said don't bother, but I eventually gave in and had them come out for an estimate. Siding estimate $10k... Read more

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Needed a simple part repaired on my window. The guy said they dont make them anymore and asked if I wanted an estimate to replace. He made the mistake of mentioning the mfg of the window. After he left, I found the part online for $12.00. It took 10 minutes to replace. Its too bad because had they been honest, I would have used them for additional work....oh well. Add comment

If you live in the Philadelphia are and you have a flat roof they dont know how to fix them. I just dont understand how your a roofing specialist but u dont know how to fix a flat roofs. The real reason is if you live in the city or if low income they dont want to work with you. Add comment

They refused to do something as simple as an estimate if you don't have a husband or if the "man of the house" doesn't make the final decision (or isn't present for the estimate). Even if you are the Sole Owner they refuse to work for the female in the house if the male is not present. How is this even a legal practice these days!? I was forwarded to the woman's manager right away to be handled... Read more

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I had PJF come out to repair my leaking room. It leaked again. Another and another repairman came out, Even an obnoxious salesperson to measure my roof for a NEW ROOF!!!!. After 6 repairs and $1400 later, my roof leaked worse (4 months later & 14 containers catching rain water) and caused a lot of damage to my enclosed porch. 3 estimates later and now a new roof because of the... Read more

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today (May 17, 2013) I had an appointment bet. 9am 11am for a serviceman from this company to come out to my home (that I own & have lived in since 1989) to give service the front small roof over my indoor sun room, and a condensation problem within the back bedroom ceiling- causing periodic leaking when the weather is very hot & humid. I just so happen to live on Roosevelt Blvd (south... Read more

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I call about their $189 special I had seen on TV and once I explained my problem, I was suddenly to far for them to travel to. I am 1/8 of a mile from the border of Camden County and Atlantic County. I believe once I told them my problem, they could not be bothered. I even mentioned additional work and they still could not be bothered. My suggestion would be to post the areas on their TV and... Read more

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We scheduled a appt regarding a new front and patio door and trim work for my home for a sales guy to come out to give us a estimate. The first guy that came out presented himself very well. We told him we would need a couple of days to think about it because we wanted to have other estimates done. He called the next day, which I thought it was too soon to ask us are we ready to schedule the work... Read more

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  • Apr 29, 2013
  • Home Construction and Repair
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We wanted to replace some windows and a door so I called PJ Fitzpatrick to come out and give me a quote. At the first call the lady asked me if my husband would be able to be there too, I replied that we had different schedules and that it wouldn't really be possible. After telling some sales pitch that they had many products to choose from and they'd prefer both owners to be there she finally... Read more

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